Tveru Day Care Centre is a public non-profit institution aimed to help children from families with economical, social and psychological problems (in other words – families where alcohol, abuse, neglect, and shortage is predominant). 
The Day Care Centre is a place where children from the troubled families can find their minute of peace and quiet, prepare their homework, eat, wash their clothes, brush their teeth, take a shower.. be loved and cared for – shortly, the Centre gives the children an opportunity to be human. 

The Centre was founded in 2006 and serves as the first stage of a broader – nationwide - project of Social Intergation of troubled Families into the Lithuanian society. Sadly, it is a social norm to treat children from alcoholic families with disdain and disgust. These children are the unluckiest of us all – born into families with no love and no compassion, being robbed of any kind of fullfilling future from the first days of their lives. It is an understandable for children to be carrying shame all days of their lives, as as soon as the word of their families comes out, a horrible unwashable invisible tag is being sewn into their foreheads – „a future thief, a future wife-beater, just like his father, just like her mother“. 

This is what Tveru Day Centre is set to fight against – we want to crush the unfair social tagging tradition and to show that we children cannot be expelled from the society just because their parents have problems with alcohol, drugs, income. On the contrary, we must help children like these, we must welcome them back into our society with open hearts and open hands. Children are our future, we must look after every single one of them. 
The second stage of the broader initiative will be establishing preventative measures for rural Women and Mothers. With the aim to reunite troubled mothers with their children and with the society we will organize dayly voccational trainings, provide proffesional help for the psyhologically disturbed women and mothers, provide a shelter for the abused women. 

This is what our Day Care Centre does - 
  • We offer specialised psychological, legal, and social help for children
  • Help children to do their homework, learn new skills
  • Organize value system enhancement activities, teamwork activities 
  • Art and work therapy
  • Crime and drug prevention: individual and group counselling 
  • Christian values: individual and group counselling 
  • Primary health and hygiene education
  • Meals for children
This is what you could do -
The centre is currently fundraising for a school bus. The Tveru Day Care centre is the only one of its kind in the district. Some children have to travel up to 25 kilometres to the centre. Which consequently shortens their stay at the centre to only few hours per day and leaves the children stranded during colder months. Please do get in touch if you can help us in any way in our search for a school bus. 

Donations: you don’t have to give a lot to see mountains move. A smile, a glimpse, a hug, kind word – all of these make miracles happen. Donations are always welcome, but we do accept smiles as well! : )

VŠĮ. Tverų dienos centras  Tverų sen. Rietavo sav. Lopaičių km. LT-90281 a.s. LT23 7300 0100 9784 7228   tel.: +370 68670649